Telephone Consultations

A telephone consultation is useful when the elder or their family members live outside of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. This method is also useful when an in-depth evaluation is not possible.
$90.00/hour 15-minute minimum
Written report provided upon request (additional fee)

Functional Cognitive Evaluation and Recommendations 
This consultation includes a telephone interview with the individual who knows the elder’s current and historic medical and social history as well as an evaluation of the elder in his or her current residence.

During the telephone conversation we will define the scope of the consultation. For example this evaluation can guide decisions about appropriate housing, it can help care providers manage or prevent agitation and relieve or reduce boredom. The course of dementia is unique for each elder, however this assessment will provide many tools to aid long term planning.

The primary contact person and I will determine the type of report needed. In some cases the report may be used by a placement agency or sections may be designed for caregiver training. Sometimes the report is intended to inform family members who do not live near the elder. Physicians, elder law attorneys, protective services case managers or guardians may use the report to guide decisions.

My intention is to provide a report that has a broad application, one that acts as a reference point for the duration of the elder’s life.

The functional cognitive evaluation process:

  • Initial telephone interview (generally about an hour).
  • Assessment of elder (usually 2 hours): 

    • Brief physical assessment of mobility and balance (related to falls).
    • Sensory and perceptual screening.
    • Functional cognitive assessment using standardized tools and clinical observation.
    • Tasks to confirm the functional cognitive assessment.
  • Written report mailed to primary contact. Report writing time is variable based on client complexity and report criteria.

Fee schedule: Quote

Common Consultation Topics:

  • Care needs assessment for:
    • Hiring and scheduling caregivers.
    • Residential placement – home or care facility.
    • Care requirements to establish adult care homes (adult foster homes) monthly fees.
  • Agitation prevention or management using non-pharmacological approaches.
  • Caregiver training to support elder’s independence.
  • Assess remaining abilities.
  • Fall prevention.
  • Cognitively appropriate adaptive devices.
  • Sensory modulation issues.
  • Long term care planning.